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Why does the freezer cabinet and glass door condense?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-04

1. In rainy season, with high temperature and humidity, condensation and dripping water will appear on the bottom of the refrigerator cabinet and the glass door, this is a normal phenomenon that is easy to occur in high temperature and high humidity weather. It will not affect the performance of the freezer; 2. Under the condition of normal refrigeration of the freezer, the temperature inside the cabinet is relatively low and the ambient temperature outside the cabinet is relatively high, thus forming a large temperature difference inside and outside the commercial freezer, in this way, the box body and glass door will also produce condensation and dripping water, which is also a normal phenomenon. Solution 1: In order to reduce the phenomenon of condensation and dripping, the temperature of the freezer can be appropriately raised a little, so that under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the freezer, it not only reduces the running time of the freezer, reduces the power consumption, but also reduces the temperature difference between inside and outside, and reduces the possibility of condensation; 2. Putting the freezer in a ventilated place as much as possible will also reduce the occurrence of condensation; 3, use a rag to wipe the condensation on the box and glass door, and pour the water in the water tray.

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