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Why can't the temperature of the freezer drop?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-04

It is a common phenomenon that the temperature of the freezer cannot drop or drops slowly. Now Cher will briefly analyze the causes of this phenomenon.
1. Artificially mobilize the temperature. First of all, check whether the temperature set by the freezer is correct. If the adjusted shutdown temperature itself is not low, the temperature will not fall off automatically.
For example, the shutdown temperature set by the user is 8 degrees, and the freezer will automatically stop when the temperature reaches 8 degrees. If you want a lower temperature, you need to reset the shutdown temperature. Secondly, the freezer will have a temperature range, and there is no way to set the temperature beyond this range.
second, due to poor heat insulation or sealing performance of the freezer, the cold energy loss is large.
The poor thermal insulation performance is due to the insufficient thickness of thermal insulation layers of pipelines, heat insulation boards in cabinets, etc. , the poor thermal insulation and heat preservation ability to decrease, the loss of cold energy to increase, and the temperature drop to slow down significantly. Secondly, the sealing performance is poor, more hot air invades from the air leakage, and the cold air will also cause large cold loss. Generally, if condensation occurs at the door seal or the heat insulation seal of the refrigerator, it indicates that the seal is not tight. Third, the surface of the freezer evaporator is too thick or too much dust, resulting in low heat transfer efficiency and slow temperature drop. In order to prevent the surface frost layer of the evaporator from being too thick, users need to defrost the commercial freezer regularly. Here are two relatively simple defrosting methods.
① Stop the Machine and melt the frost. Stop the Machine and unplug the power supply, open the door, let the temperature rise, and restart the compressor after the frost layer melts automatically.
② automatic defrosting. Most freezers in OU Xue freezer will have automatic defrosting function.
Secondly, there is more air or refrigerant oil in the freezer evaporator, the heat transfer effect decreases, and the temperature drop speed decreases accordingly. Therefore, in daily operation and maintenance, attention should be paid to timely removing the dirty oil on the inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer pipe and discharging the air in the evaporator to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator
4. The compressor power is low, refrigerating capacity cannot meet the load demand in the cabinet. The sealing function of inferior compressors will be correspondingly reduced due to long-term operation, the gas transmission coefficient of the compressors will also be reduced, and the refrigerating capacity will be reduced.
The amount of refrigerant in the freezer (Snow)Lack, refrigeration effect is affected. First, the snow is not enough, just add enough snow. There is another kind of snow leakage. In case of this situation, you should first find the leakage point, check the joints of all pipelines and valves, find out the leakage part and fill it with enough snow. Five, throttle valve adjustment improper or blocked, refrigerant (Snow) The flow rate is too large or too small, which affects the temperature drop rate. Generally, whether the throttle valve refrigerant flow is appropriate can be judged by observing the evaporation pressure, evaporation temperature and frosting of the suction pipe. Throttle blockage is an important factor affecting refrigerant flow. The main causes of throttle blockage are ice blockage and dirty blockage.
6. Check the defrosting water and sink of the freezer. Check the sink of the freezer to see if there is defrosting water that does not directly flow into the sink, causing water in the freezer. If there is such a phenomenon, the front of the commercial freezer can be slightly raised, so that the defrosting water can be smoothly flowed into the sink.

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