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What should I do if I encounter a 'strike' in the freezer?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-26

whether the power supply is connected normally: if it is not cooled, it is necessary to check whether the power supply is connected normally and whether the lights in the cabinet are normal. It is better to further test with an electric pen.
whether the commercial freezer compressor works normally: the compressor will make a small motor vibration sound during normal operation. When the high-pressure output buffer pipe in the compressor breaks or the screw fixing the pipe loosens, the high-pressure pipe will not exhaust and the low-pressure pipe will not inhale, so although the compressor is running, it will not refrigerate whether the refrigerant is used up: let the freezer run 3 -? After 5 minutes, cut off the power and listen to see if there is water. If there is no sound. It means that the refrigerant in the refrigeration system has been used up or leaked. It is also possible that the compressor has lost its working capacity.
whether the refrigerator capillary is blocked: the blockage of the refrigerator capillary will cause the refrigerant to not enter the evaporator to absorb heat and exert its effect, thus causing the temperature of the refrigerator to remain high. If the commercial freezer belongs to the Inter-cooling type and there is no ice-making fault, you can check whether the fan of the commercial freezer is working normally: open the refrigerator door and press the button at the edge of the cabinet mouth to check whether the fan is working, if the fan does not work, the freezer will not be cooled.

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