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What should be tested for the first time in the freezer?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-01

1. Refrigerator start-up trial: when purchasing the refrigerator, the customer requires to start the refrigerator first. At this time, the start-up trial is not to test whether the refrigerator is operating normally, but in the process of operation, whether the whole commercial freezer and the sound generated by the freezer are loud or not is subject to whether it can be heard within 10 cm, which is the best. 2, freezer placement: to choose a relatively large space, the freezer with a built-in compressor unit must ensure that there is enough space on the top of the freezer to dissipate heat, and the side wall cannot be close to the wall. Some people are close to the wall in order to save space, which really saves space, but it is not conducive to freezer inspection, cleaning and heat dissipation, thus easily causing various minor problems. 3. Overall inspection: overall inspection of the side wall, compressor, joints and other small parts of the freezer is completely free of problems. 4. Supermarket freezer regulation: the freezer should be regulated and controlled first during operation, otherwise improper regulation will cause damage to the sales items. 5. Supermarket freezer stop: After the freezer is used, turn off the freezer. When turning off the freezer, first unplug the thermostat, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the thermostat. 6. It is most important to check this point. In the process of use, wrong operation will cause some wear and tear and defacement of the freezer, which are all important sources of minor defects in the freezer. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly guarantee and clean the freezer under the amateur.

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