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What is the impact of the refrigerator power failure?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-04

First of all, frequent power outages will cause certain damage to the freezer at the next start.
1. Frequent power failure is very harmful to the freezer. When the commercial freezer is suddenly shut down during normal operation, it takes at least 5 minutes to open, which will affect the service life of the compressor.
2. The freezer is not a problem when it is not working, but if the compressor is suddenly shut down and then immediately powered on, because the pressure difference between the two ends of the compressor is very large, the freezer does not work, therefore, thermal protection stops. If the freezing protection zone is damaged, the engine may burn out. Secondly, the long-term parking of the freezer should pay attention to these work.
1. If the energy is not electrified for a long time, the refrigerant will change from gaseous state to liquid state during operation, which will lead to pipeline damage and leakage. The next cooling will be very bad.
2. Allow the freezer to better prolong its service life. The most important thing is not to let commercial freezers shut down frequently.
3. When using the freezer again, perform corresponding inspection and cleaning work. If the freezer is re-activated after a long period of time, what is the danger, what should be paid attention to and how to fix and solve the problem.
dangerous after long-term suspension.
1. The long-term shutdown of the freezer will cause the lubricating oil in the compressor to sink to the bottom and all the workpieces in the machine will dry. At this time, if it opens, the compressor piston will operate without lubrication, which will affect the life of the compressor. This will cause economic losses.
2. How to start the long-term deactivated freezer
when restarting the freezer or refrigerator after a long period of inactivity, it needs to be started immediately three times. The specific method is: connect the power supply and then disconnect it, repeat it every 5 minutes, and turn it on and off 3 times in total.
3. Suggestions for freezer
If you find abnormal noise or shutdown after initial startup, if you cannot recover from refrigeration or leakage, you should ask a professional from a regular company to carry out repairs. Do not disassemble and repair by yourself, so as not to expand the scope of the fault.

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