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What is the cause of the refrigerator's false failure? What false faults are easily caused by high temperature?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-07

when the temperature is high in summer, the biggest reason for the refrigerator not to cool is actually the false failure caused by the high temperature climate and the refrigerator not to stop for a long time, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the machine.
What is a fake fault?
compressor and condenser are important refrigeration components of freezer. compressor dissipates heat through condenser. In the summer, the freezer is outside the Sun and the temperature exceeds 45 °c. If the commercial freezer is just in the place where the sun is direct, especially the condenser. Once the freezer starts to work, most of the heat generated by itself will circulate around the freezer. The condenser cannot absorb normal temperature air, and the temperature of the condenser inside may reach above 60℃, far beyond the heat dissipation capacity of the condenser, the compressor will not work normally, not'Strike'Is to report the fault. 1. Now all regions are slowly starting to heat up. Some provinces and cities are continuously in a high temperature state. After June, the temperature in South China, Central China and Jianghuai and Sichuan regions can reach 42 or 43 ℃, and this is just the temperature. The surface temperature is generally up to 60 °c.
2. Due to the outdoor high temperature, the heat dissipation of the compressor outside the refrigerator cannot be normal. When the compressor is running, overheating protection is extremely easy to occur and normal refrigeration cannot be carried out. The refrigeration effect can be imagined. This is caused by the design principle of the freezer, not the quality of the freezer is not good.
3. If the commercial freezer condenser is dirty and stained with a large amount of dust to affect heat dissipation, it will not only shorten the service life of the compressor, but also weaken the refrigeration effect of the freezer.
The above are the causes of accidents such as the poor cooling effect of the commercial freezer, the inability to drop the temperature, why my freezer is not cooling, etc, all this is caused by the external environment and the incorrect use of human beings.

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