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What is an energy-saving freezer? What are the characteristics of energy-saving freezers?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-13

The commercial freezer system adopts advanced accessories: the refrigeration system of the supermarket freezer uses advanced accessories to make the freezer feel completely new as a whole. It has certain uniqueness in safety and health and runs stably, increasing the heat dissipation capacity improves the heat exchange efficiency, and the cooling speed is fast. The lower temperature in the cabinet is conducive to energy conservation.
application of new energy-saving working medium: if the working medium is different, the power consumption required to obtain the same refrigerating capacity is also different, which is directly related to the refrigerating effect of the freezer. For example, the R600A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, has greatly improved the refrigeration effect compared with the previous one.
high-efficiency compressor is used in the freezer: Compressor is the heart of the freezer and the main energy-consuming component of the freezer. Using high-efficiency compressor is the simplest and most effective measure to save energy in the freezer. Protection measures for cold air in the freezer: After the freezer that adopts the above energy-saving measures enters stable operation, its power consumption is mainly used to overcome the temperature rise in the freezer to maintain the required low temperature. Is to achieve a higher energy efficiency ratio. Advanced Anti-collision materials are used to make the supermarket appearance not deformed and corrosion resistant. Supermarket freezers use aerial glass, which is more intense. There are led lighting in the cabinet, and the tactile effect is great!
The Energy Efficiency ratio of the freezer is the ratio of the actual refrigerating capacity to the actual input power during the refrigeration operation of the freezer under rated working conditions and specified conditions. The higher the energy efficiency ratio of the refrigerator, the more electric energy it saves when the refrigerating capacity is equal.

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