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What harm does wrong temperature adjustment do to the freezer?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-26

incorrect temperature adjustment of the freezer will easily cause damage to the compressor: in order to make the freezer reach the normal temperature of the freezer, the commercial freezer compressor will be frequently started and closed, at this time, not only can't save electricity, but it will lead to excessive consumption of electric energy, which will lead to more severe damage to the compressor.
illusion a kind of adjustment method refers to: the temperature of the freezer is adjusted very low in winter, while the temperature of the freezer is adjusted very high in summer, people think that the temperature of the refrigerating chamber decreases with the decrease of the ambient temperature, and the ambient temperature increases while the refrigerating chamber increases, which is considered to be more effective in saving electricity. In fact, it is a wrong method to adjust the temperature. Why is it a wrong adjustment method? Because every freezer is not always working, it will stop working as long as the temperature drops to the predetermined temperature, and wait until the temperature rises to the predetermined value before starting to work and cool down. If the ambient temperature drops to a very low level, the compressor will stop working while the commercial freezer temperature is still kept at about gear, but the freezer temperature does not actually reach the normal refrigeration temperature at this time.

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