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What are the types of freezers that do not refrigerate and how to deal with them?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-12

1. The capillary of the freezer is blocked, which makes the refrigerant unable to enter the evaporator, so it cannot absorb the heat emitted by the freezer, the temperature in the freezer cannot drop
treatment ①: the capillary is blocked, and the capillary must be removed for cleaning;
Second, the freezer may be because the screw of the high-pressure output buffer tube in the fixed compressor is no longer firm, or because the buffer tube is broken, so the low-pressure tube cannot inhale and the high-pressure tube cannot exhaust, although the compressor is running, the freezer is not cooled.
treatment ②: if there is a problem with the buffer tube, you can only open the cabinet, fix the screw or replace it with a buffer tube. 3. If there is a problem with the refrigeration system of the freezer, such as leakage, the freezer that lacks the heat absorption of the refrigerant is naturally not cooled;
treatment ③: for the problems of the refrigeration system, first find out the location of the leakage of the refrigeration system, weld up, test the pressure and evacuate the location. When all the standards are qualified, add a certain amount of refrigerant until the commercial freezer reaches a certain temperature. If you can't Weld, find a professional master to operate. Don't bite the bullet;
4. The outlet valve and expansion valve of the freezer are not properly adjusted, and the components of the valve plate are not well sealed, which may lead to air leakage or abrasion of the compressor piston.
treatment ④: power off the freezer first, then rotate the inlet valve counterclockwise to the end, remove the screws, and install'To silk' Then install the pressure gauge and connecting pipe, close the gauge valve, rotate the intake valve clockwise for one turn, make it tee, observe whether the internal pressure of the freezer is normal, and adjust the gear according to different seasons and temperatures.

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