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What are the new type of air-conditioner snow attribute

by:Jingeao     2020-03-14
< p> what are the new type of air-conditioner snow attributes in order to meet the needs of society, in the bosses of the snow, air-conditioner industry has been advancing with The Times, reform and innovation, providing customers with more high-end, more high-quality of air-conditioner. In recent years, the snow of air-conditioner manufacturers according to the market requirements, apply new technology, new materials, new technology, constantly develop new products, all kinds of new type of air-conditioner splendor, mainly reflected in such aspects as appearance, performance and structure. Let the cooler price to give us a detailed introduction. 1. Elegant and gorgeous appearance: shape aspect mainly in the face plate of material, modelling and configuration of shake handshandle is improved. Panel material and the use of international popular high gloss mirror, or bring, prepainted steel plate with painting, decorative pattern, and the texture of extremely dark green handles, with flash facade panels, etc. Hyped streamline modelling, have a great circle door, double circular arc door, etc. Ordinary door freezers, widely used on the room set, the room on the dark shake handshandle, drawer with stealth, concave Ming shake handshandle. In short, in addition to maintain the original shape aspects of air-conditioner and practical style, also emphasized with the modern home decoration style, elegant and luxuriant, conforms to modern people the pursuit of high quality life.
2. With functions of preservation: aiming at the problem of food preservation, the air-conditioner manufacturers have adopted a variety of preservation technology, production out of the freezer with fresh functions. At present, the air-conditioner manufacturers preservation technologies adopted by the sums up has the following kinds: ( 1) Frost-free new technology. New frost-free technology of air-conditioner cold use direct type, and the commercial freezer USES air-cooled. Direct way to make the food in the commercial freezer is not dry, not changing: cold wind don't blow directly to the surface of the food in the freezer, but rather through a special adjustable wind radiation to the surface of food, dried foods Le wind torr. Food will not dry. ( 2) Ice greenhouse. Ice keeps the in - the greenhouse temperature Between 3 to 0 ℃, fresh fish, meat, frozen in points in the indoor, neither destroy the organizational structure, and can keep food's original nutrition composition and fresh taste. In addition, the user fish and meat from the ice in the greenhouse or cutting, cooking, don't need to thaw, can reduce the destruction of the food nutrition during thaw. ( 3) Room for fruits and vegetables. GuoShuShi can keep temperature, and excess water will give, temperature and humidity keep in 5 ~ 7 ℃ respectively, and the best range of 80% ~ 90%. ( 4) Rapid freezing. a quick-freeze device, can make the food during the freezing the smallest crystallization generated in the shortest time, keep the fresh degree of the food and nutrition. < / p>
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