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What are the criteria for judging the performance of the freezer?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-05

What are the performance criteria? How to judge?
First of all, we will look at the refrigerator brand, followed by the price. The brand is actually a recognition of the performance of the refrigerator. The price of the refrigerator is the value of its performance. performance is related to those. The first is the capacity, the storage capacity of the freezer, and the size should be designed according to the maximum amount of agricultural products to be stored throughout the year. The comparison of the internal core of the freezer: the choice of the refrigeration system is the most important to the quality; The refrigeration system is mainly composed of four parts: compression system, condensation system, evaporation system and regulating valve. The refrigeration system is the core of the machine. In addition, there are auxiliary refrigerant such as fans, ducts and instruments circulating in the sealing system, and the whole refrigeration system is a sealed circulation loop. Control the supply and the number of times it enters the evaporator as required to obtain a suitable low temperature strip to push the refrigerant to circulate in the system. This is related to the refrigeration speed and refrigeration of the freezer.
freezer material selection: commercial freezer materials are generally made of heat insulation materials, which must have good heat insulation performance. The selection of heat insulation materials must be adapted to local conditions. It must be economical and practical. Insulation material plates include polyurethane, polystyrene, etc.

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