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What are the common faults of the freezer?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-05

freezer occurrence, common and single failure: no refrigeration, poor refrigeration, frosting in refrigerating chamber, no electricity, no operation, trip, etc. (1) not starting: the power switch refrigerator has no response, the same as no electricity; (2) no refrigeration: after the power supply of the freezer is switched on, the freezer operates normally but does not refrigerate the repair of the problem; (3) Power Trip: The current is too strong, or the voltage is too large to cause the freezer trip; ④ No shutdown: the commercial freezer compressor always runs after the power supply of the commercial freezer, and will probably stop the machine voluntarily after reaching the set temperature; (5) poor refrigeration: the temperature of the refrigerating chamber cannot be lowered, and the freezing chamber cannot freeze or is the same as the temperature of the refrigerating chamber; ⑥ Freezing in the refrigerator room: once the temperature of the refrigerator is ensured to be fresh, the freezing indicates that the temperature of the refrigerator room is too low; ⑦ The freezer light is not on and not electrified for repair: there is no response to the freezer after being electrified, or the commercial freezer is operating normally but the indicator light is not on; ⑧ Poor refrigeration: The freezer is operating normally but the temperature of the freezer cannot reach the desired temperature.

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