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Today's efforts tomorrow's harves


Dear All:

On October 8, 2019, gong led a delegation of 6 management members to guangzhou to attend the training of "Chinese first century equity incentive class". This marks the reform of the joint-stock system of the company is formally put on the agenda.4 days of training, so that the company's decision makers understand "the management of the enterprise is the operator; The idea that the operator is the demand of the operator; Also make every representative to participate in the training feel that "only pay; Can get "equity incentive connotation.It also improves the recognition of the incentive mechanism of value creation in the future rather than the allocation mechanism of contribution to the past. Realize that the company has created a platform for every employee to work and develop. Everyone is struggling on this platform, and how much incentive they want to get depends entirely on their own efforts to create. Believe in the future shareholding reform; You can certainly do better; Get more!

Jingeao has been focusing on manufacturing different kinds of commercial refrigerators. Believing through this training, will bring more ideas to us on comany management and providing more satisfying products in future.


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