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Time of air-conditioner how to use

by:Jingeao     2020-03-14
< p> time of air-conditioner how to use believe everyone will often also like a lot of the supermarket shopping, supermarket inside some machine will emit a loud sound. And also didn't clean air-conditioner dust above, some freezers looks very old, felt very old. May be some customers to save money, think of air-conditioner can also be used, so we are not going to throw it away. < br /> freezers is running 24 hours almost every day, as the cooler, its use fixed number of year is usually 12 & ndash; 15 years. As & other; Electricity eating tigers & throughout; , in the form of a decade of air-conditioner is first use twice as much. So, if the commercial freezer appear too much noise, power consumption is larger, refrigeration effect is poor, leakage, operation occurs when shaking, and so on and so forth, will update. Too old freezers, more and more dust accumulated many parts, if cleaning is not clean, easy to cause short circuit, preservation and sterilization function degradation, leading to changing, not fresh food; At the same time, the refrigerant will leak, environmental pollution and harm to health. Regularly check the dust on the compressor and condenser, dirty to clean, so as not to affect the cooling result in shortening the service life, the ark of the cooling effect is reduced ( Use completely flat back design of air-conditioner does not need to consider this question) 。 Regular cleaning tank internal health, at least three or four times a year. In addition, the cabinet when not in use for a long time, should unplug the power plug, the box to wipe clean, after being fully drying in the oven, then close the door. < br /> < br /> < / p>
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