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Three common reasons for freezer not cooling

by:Jingeao     2020-01-12

The compressor of the freezer can not be started
1. If there is no power supply in the freezer, close the refrigerator door. If the light inside the freezer can be on, it is proved that the freezer has electricity. If the light is not on, can check whether there is electricity in the main power supply, then check that not all freezers have fuses in the freezer, and check whether there is a problem with the contacts of the thermostat.
2. Whether the compressor is burnt out or not. It is possible to check whether the motor coil is burnt out or not. Check the starter. Occasionally, the overheat shield is working. It is necessary to press once, let the compressor temperature drop before it can be started.
3. The thermostat cannot be reset. As the contacts are sintered together, they cannot be separated and problems are formed. The temperature controller of the freezer loses its spirit
because the temperature controller of the freezer loses its spirit, the freezer will not stop, but this kind of non-stop will not only exist under high temperature conditions, it is available at all temperatures, but it is more important at high temperatures. The primary reason is that the machine thermostat leaks fluorine, or the temperature sensing head cannot feel the temperature, and the control circuit board of the computer freezer is faulty. Refrigerant leakage in the freezer
This kind of situation does not indicate that the freezer does not refrigerate in the early stage, the temperature of the commercial freezer will rise after a long time, and it will not refrigerate gradually, however, the compressor of the commercial freezer is still working. A good main point can judge the advantages and disadvantages of the freezer. If the compressor is working, but the two sides of the freezer do not have a fever, the commercial freezer is mostly of this kind at this moment, you can start to be sure.

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