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Three common issues of daily freezer failure

by:Jingeao     2019-12-29

I. 'Leakage'
The commercial freezer is prone to generate static electricity for a long time. The power supply required by the user is a three-legged socket. Some three-legged sockets do not have a ground wire at all, so the generated static electricity cannot be discharged in time, resulting in'Leakage'. In addition, leakage may be caused by damage to the electrical components of the refrigerator and damage to the power cord, which must be repaired before it can be solved. Second, the refrigerator compressor is noisy
carefully check whether the screws at the bottom of the compressor are stable, whether they fall off or loosen, whether there are anti-vibration rubber pads, and whether the installation of the floor screws is tight, whether the freezer is placed smoothly or not, and whether the place where it is placed is firm. If there is still noise after eliminating these situations, please carefully decide whether to replace the compressor. Third, the fog on the commercial freezer glass
The Fog on the freezer glass is very heavy, and there is also the phenomenon of water droplets. Is the freezer faulty, and sometimes the water flowing out of the drain pipe is more and more, what is going on? The temperature inside and outside the commercial freezer is very different. When the temperature around the Cabinet reaches a certain level, the door seal will have a condensing effect, and there will be small drops of water. If the temperature inside the cabinet is lower, the more water droplets will be.

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