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The snow series of air-conditioner work steps

by:Jingeao     2020-03-14
< p> the snow series of air-conditioner work, rounding the series of air-conditioner is very famous in refrigeration industry, the brand and quality are very customer recognition and trust. So there is such a strong power of air-conditioner company, its product is how to realize the refrigeration or work? Is the customer also want to understand the following and some simple for everyone to share the knowledge and experience. As the saying goes, the fittest, can more trust. So first of all, let's make a comparison, such ability can be more clear. Cooler than household refrigerator refrigerating capacity is big, the system of filling refrigerant is also many, therefore between the condenser and the filter pipe jacket of a storage tank, tank installed on the cut-off valve, when the system outage for a long time, will stop valve closed, the refrigerant liquid storage tank. Compressor used more open, by the motor through v-belt transmission. For air-cooled condenser, natural convection or with a small axial flow fan cooling. Evaporator by purple in disc line pipe steel pipe processing, distribution in the cabinet put oneself in another's position on three sides. This is its core superiority, such ability can guarantee the quality of refrigeration. Next is to consider the refrigeration system, and then in the commercial freezer refrigeration system, generally using thermal expansion valve instead of capillary, expansion valve is also installed between evaporator inlet and the filter drier, decompression throttling effect to the refrigerant. Expansion valve compared with capillary, manufacturing and maintenance more troublesome, but easy to control, adjustment and maintenance, and also don't like MAO steel pipe system for filling refrigerant requirements strictly. Some freezers also like household refrigerators, also USES the fully enclosed compressor, refrigeration system of small volume, light weight. To facilitate automatic control, at the condenser inlet equipped with electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic yan and compressor start and stop at the same time, when the compressor stop, electromagnetic valve automatically shut off power for fluid pipe, prevent a large number of liquid into the evaporator, cause the liquid cylinder fault when the phone is switched on again. With electromagnetic valve of refrigeration system, for the water cooled condenser and cooling water by the high temperature and high pressure in the condenser refrigerant gas condenses into liquid, and take the heat. So the snow provide freezers, are commercial air-conditioner use special parts, such ability can meet customer demand, can guarantee of air-conditioner brand. < br /> < / p>
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