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The freezer really energy consumption is lower, the better

by:Jingeao     2020-03-17
< p> the freezer really energy consumption is lower, the better the air-conditioner energy consumption is lower, the better? I want to purchase of air-conditioner many customers are think so, so the fact is that so? We came to a simple discussion. First of all, if a freezers are low-power, then its power must be small, and cooling speed must be slow, otherwise not reached the standard of the low energy. General refrigeration is strong, speed is high power of compressor, such ability can meet these conditions. So low-power and refrigeration and low temperature are bound to conflict. For example we use frozen freezers, will need the following temperature of 0 degrees, if there is no power of compressor is difficult to achieve. These are some of the basic life common sense, everyone should be able to understand it. And then there's practical application, if we need to be refrigerated or frozen food, is the need to quickly enter the low temperature environment, if for the sake of low energy, so will affect the quality of the food, and thus do more harm than good. < br /> it is just about some freezers in the practical application of life, from which we can find that the fundamental role of air-conditioner is prolonged refrigeration of food. Good commercial freezer should be energy saving and cold storage. So we in the requirements of low energy consumption at the same time, should notice more refrigeration effect. Not for the sake of energy saving and energy saving. Manufacturers efforts now let air-conditioner energy consumption dropped to less than once a day, each brand of energy gap to zero degrees. And how to make the air-conditioner refrigeration becomes the new topic. We can calculate the etheric can save every day 0. 2 degrees electric not enough refrigeration air-conditioner of gain and loss. In addition, different season, different amount of frozen food, freezers volume size, the number of switch the commercial freezer door different will affect the energy consumption of air-conditioner. The so-called real low energy, only under the same conditions, decrease the number of open the door for air-conditioner, compressor and so on external details, start times to save power. < br /> < / p>
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