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The freezer door seal of condensation root cause analysis and solution

by:Jingeao     2020-03-17
< p> freezers and analysis of the causes of the door sealing gel solution sorching summer, inside a large supermarket freezers became a lot of good place to store food cold drink to good friends. Many friends when used in the summer, found that the freezer door place water droplets appear more often than not, this is what circumstance, is the cooling of the cabinet not line, or any other problems. Now the snow of air-conditioner, and to share with you if you encounter this problem of friend might as well learn about the together. As a kind of refrigeration appliances, ark inside always keep in a low temperature, especially the commercial freezer & ndash; Temperature is typically less than eighteen degrees below zero. Although the refrigerator freezer with enough heat preservation ability but, after all, cannot be compared with the door a body, the box body. And summer around the outdoor temperature is very high, both inside and outside temperature difference is obvious increase, once the surrounding humidity reaches a certain degree, can make the door seal reach & other; Condensation point & throughout; A condensation, in refrigerator commercial freezer as obvious. This is because the lower part of the freezer temperature minimum, so the lower part of the ordinary is the most likely frozen condensation. The solution; First of all to tell consumers don't have to worry about the emergence of refrigerator door roller, this is normal phenomenon. Consumers don't have to worry about, it is ok to wipe gently with towel. Maintaining current ventilation, of course, also can effectively reduce the occurrence of condensation phenomenon. < br /> < / p>
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