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Teach you how to buy a quality freezer?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-29

1. How to choose freezer
1. Ensure high efficiency compressor is used. Like a human heart, it is a very important Compressor. It is also the main energy-consuming component of the freezer. Using a high-efficiency compressor is the simplest and most effective way to save energy in the freezer.
2. Whether to adopt new energy saving. The working medium of the freezer is different, and the power consumption required to achieve the same refrigerating capacity is also different. This is directly related to the cooling effect of the freezer.
3, achieve high energy efficiency ratio. The energy efficiency ratio is the ratio of actual refrigerating capacity to actual input power during the refrigeration operation of the freezer under rated conditions and specific conditions. The higher the energy efficiency ratio of the freezer, the more energy it saves under the same refrigerating capacity.
Finally, attention should also be paid to the protective measures of the freezer. With the above energy saving measures, after the freezer starts to operate stably, the power consumption is mainly used to overcome the temperature rise in the freezer to maintain the required low temperature. Therefore, the energy-saving freezer should have relatively complete freezer protection methods, such as appropriately thickening the insulation foam layer, improving the foam material and process, and improving the door sealing structure to reduce external heat transfer. II. Advantages of freezer components
If you cannot see the advantages and disadvantages on the surface when observing the commercial freezer, you need to check the inside of the freezer. How to judge the inside and outside of the freezer?
1. The specific foam layer
bubble layer is the heat insulation layer of the freezer, and its quality is directly related to the heat insulation effect of the freezer. The more practical the foam is, the more practical the foam is, and the stronger the weight is, the better the preservation effect and energy saving effect.
2. Special evaporator
The quality of evaporator determines the speed and storage quality of the freezer.
3. Compressor comparison
compressor is the core of freezer. A good compressor can drop a few drops of water from the corner evaporator and the water will turn into ice in a few seconds.

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