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Supermarket freezer purchase reference

by:Jingeao     2019-12-26

How to choose temperature control method for supermarket freezer? When consumers buy freezers, it is difficult to choose computer control and mechanical control. In fact, it is very simple. Mechanical control usually requires manual rotation of the button, and the temperature control is not accurate enough and the price is relatively low; The computer-controlled freezer only needs to click on the right temperature with your fingertips according to your needs, but the price is obviously more expensive. Is it better for the supermarket freezer to be cold or cold? The biggest difference between air cooling and direct cooling is the problem of frost formation. Air cooling does not need to worry about frost formation in the commercial freezer and is convenient to use, but the freezing speed in the commercial freezer is slower than that in the direct cooling freezer and consumes a lot of electricity, the price is higher. The direct cooling freezer has simple structure, low price, fast freezing and cooling speed, low power consumption and low noise, but the cooling in the refrigerating chamber is slow, the temperature in the freezer is uneven, the evaporator in the freezing chamber is easy to frost and defrosting is troublesome. How to buy supermarket freezer? Is the price of the freezer reasonable? Value for money? The method used is not to compare prices according to cabinets of the same size. Because cabinets of the same size may have different Net inventory volumes. Therefore, the scientific method is to compare according to the net inventory volume, that is, what is the price of each liter? Product energy conservation should also be compared. Because energy saving is less expenditure, less expenditure is more profitable for you.

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