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Supermarket freezer purchase essential instructions

by:Jingeao     2019-12-27

1. Cost performance: supermarket freezer configuration and performance price are different, and the price difference is large. The poor quality of low-cost freezers: such as excessive workload, noise, power consumption and other problems, can be said to be very uneconomical.
II. Quality: the compressor adopts imported compressor to ensure the stability of operation; Stainless steel/aluminum alloy metal frame, safe, hygienic and durable; Hollow tempered double glass, with wire drawing process metal electric heating wire, defogging and defrosting; Pure copper tube heat dissipation, fast cooling, high efficiency)To provide long-term operational protection for merchants. Third, power: in terms of energy consumption, the cottage freezer is obviously unable to compete with the genuine. The test results show that the power consumption of the imitation commercial freezer exceeds at least 25% of the genuine product under the same net volume condition.
Four, supermarket freezer use inspection
① check whether the small parts of the freezer and the certificate, warranty card, instructions and other documents are complete.
② whether the Cabinet body is scratched, concave, damaged, etc.
③ test the performance of the freezer. Listen carefully to whether the sound is too loud when the compressor is running.
④ check whether the thermostat and other devices are normal

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