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Several reasons and solutions for refrigerator not cooling?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-12

It is a very important problem that the freezer does not refrigerate. Next, I will explain the reason why the commercial freezer does not refrigerate and the solution.
The reason why the freezer does not refrigerate:
The reason why the commercial freezer does not refrigerate. If the high-pressure output buffer pipe in the compressor in the Cabinet breaks and causes no refrigeration, or the screw fixing the pipe loosens, then the high-pressure pipe does not exhaust and the low-pressure pipe does not inhale. This leads to such a situation: Although the compressor is running, the commercial freezer is not cooled. Or it is the leakage of refrigerant. Although the compressor is running, there is no refrigerant in the system to evaporate and absorb heat. If the temperature in the Cabinet does not drop, there will be a non-cooling reaction.
solution: Check whether the pipeline at the compressor is broken and whether the screws fixing the pipeline are loose. The second reason for not cooling:
leakage of refrigerant, at this time we need to invite professionals to carry out relevant inspections to ensure that there is enough refrigerant in the cabinet. If there is a leak, we have to change the tube in the cabinet to ensure that the amount of refrigerant is sufficient, so that it can be well cooled.
solution: Check whether the refrigerant is normal and whether the pipe and joint are loose or broken.
The third reason for not cooling:
The capillary tube and the dryer are blocked, and the outlet of the freezer is hot. So we have to take it down for a treatment. The refrigeration mode also has certain influence on the refrigeration effect. The main refrigeration modes are direct cooling mode and Inter cooling mode. Among them, the direct cooling type is the evaporator directly and the storage space for a cold cycle, the cooling effect is the best. Inter-cooling refrigeration is carried out by blowing cold air, and the refrigeration effect is average.
solution: look at the cooling method of the freezer. If it is a long time, it is very normal for the refrigeration to be slow.

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