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Series of air-conditioner pipe fittings

by:Jingeao     2020-03-17
< p> series of air-conditioner pipe fittings in the commercial freezer, such as losing cold tube, transmitting tube and so on are all belong to the cooler series of pipe fittings. The role of these fittings is not small, can conveying air conditioning, heat transfer and so on. So if the fitting problems, or to cut the how to operate? Just below and take a look at the actual application of air-conditioner price. First we need to prepare the following materials: ( 1) Machining tools, cutter, tube expander, tube expanding punch, pipe bender, oxygen welding equipment, hammer, pliers, wire cutter, etc. ( 2) Processing device: a variety of specifications steel pipe number, capillary. With these materials, we can to the pipe of air-conditioner to operate. 1. Pipe cutting is air-conditioner in operation and maintenance, and more common. ( 1) Will copper pipe straight, and then put to cut the pipe cutter guide groove between the blade and wheel, and make the cutter with vertical steel pipe. ( 2) Tighten the cutter handle, let the blade in contact with steel tube, then put the cutter unscrew, at the same time in the rotating cutter, rotate handle feed, about once every two weeks knife. ( 3) For cutting, capillary scissors grip the capillary allocated tool marks are rolled back, and then can be broken by hand. 2. Expanding: ( 1) Expansion of bell mouth: (1) will have annealing and cut flat nozzle of brass remove burrs, insert the same as the diameter of the hole. (2) tube toward the horn side, brass horn 1/3 slope height. (3) the two wing nut and tighten, the copper pipe clamp. (4) the top of the transformer conical head pressure of nozzle and its GongJia foot stuck in flaring fixture. Slowly turn the screw on the nozzle was able to pump bell mouth line. ( 2) Picking the cup mouth: (1) using flaring tube the pipe clamp on the flaring kit, the length of the copper tube with fixture is a bit long, just change city expansion cone head to enlarge cup mouth of the punch. (2) by expanding the punch, should first will copper pipe clamp in the same as the flaring tool of hole diameter, the height of the copper tube to show for H ( About l - slightly greater than the pipe diameter 2mm) 。 Then choose flaring diameter equal to zero. 1 - 0. 2 mm specification: expanding punch and coated with a layer of lubricating oil, and inserting brass, with a hammer percussion expanding punch. Hitting hard don't too hard, every time after hitting, need to gently turn the expanding punch, otherwise it is not easy to punch out. 3. Bend: ( 1) Pipe bender bending: (1) to use oxygen welding annealing copper pipe should be bent part. (2) the brass insert between the roller and idler pulley groove, and then use fastening screws to fasten on the brass. (3) the activities of the lever clockwise rotation ( The pipe bender used specifications should be consistent with copper pipe diameter) Can. ( 2) Spring pipe bender bending: brass set into the spring pipe bender bending gently. The last is the air-conditioner pipe precautions: ( 1) Pipe cutting feed every time shoulds not be too deep, hard shoulds not be too hard, or you will increase the burr or crush all the copper pipe. ( 2) Expanding the expansion into the bell mouth can neither small nor great, with gland nut can turn flexibly and not stuck is advisable. ( 3) With curved pipe bend, copper tube bending radius should not less than three times the diameter of the copper tube. ( 4) With a spring pipe bender bending tube, pay attention to the speed shoulds not be too fast, hard shoulds not be too hard, and pipe diameter and pipe bender bedspring should match. < br /> < / p>
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