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Removed out of the freezer which need to do to prepare

by:Jingeao     2020-03-15
< p> move of air-conditioner what need to prepare of air-conditioner in our life belongs to the larger items, then we move in or move of air-conditioner what preparation work need to do? Because many clients in actual application, has met these questions, but don't know how to solve, let the cooler price to tell you some experience and methods. First of all must be ready to tools: drill, wrench, expansion bolts, base, awnings, Angle iron, wood bracket, ropes and belts, freezers. Ready for the tool, the following begins execution. In the supermarket, freezers installed cannot easily move, especially for split type air-conditioner, because involves drilling, pipe wall tear open change, the power cord installation and a series of problems, more difficult. But, meet housing relocation or renovations alterations, and so on and so forth, freezers must be moving little bit, as long as the proper operation, the cooling pipe and control circuit, dismantling, earnestly experienced air-conditioner is decorate personnel can complete the task well. Freezers move time had better choose in the spring and autumn season, together this time, the air-conditioner use less, the environment temperature is appropriate, air humidity is small, to remove the cooling pipe is advantageous. 1. Pump refrigerant: in order to make full use of the refrigerant inside the original machine, avoid when open pipe leakage loss, before the split will all refrigerants in outdoor units to save, for freezers reoccupy after reinstalling. ( 1) Using a wrench unscrew the trachea (outdoor first Thick tube) And the liquid tube ( A tube) Shut off valve. A variety of brands of air-conditioner shut off valve installed in a different way, so open, Closed) The operation method is not the same. ( 2) Liquid on the fluid pipe valve is turned off, the indoor unit of refrigerant on evaporation process, from the thick tube is the compressor suction side by side to the outdoor condenser cooling, the whole system back to the refrigerant. ( 3) Common household smoke a wall-mounted air-conditioner refrigerant time in about 2 minutes. End extracted refrigerants, should be shut off valve in the closed the coarse outdoor pipe, and then close the commercial freezer the operation of the switch, stop the compressor rotation. 2. Remove the unit: ( 1) First cut off the air-conditioner ac power, to dismantle the power input wiring and control cables between the inside and outside the unit. ( 2) Apart must use two wrench, pipe joint with a wrench and fixed on the screw unit joint, with another wrench unscrew the nut on the pipe. After remove the pipe joint, to timely will bell mouth with copper cap or plastic cap closed tight. If the cap seal can't find the original, also can use multilayer to insert bell mouth tightly sealed plastic bags, to prevent dust and moisture into the copper tube. Copper pipe from a wall hole carefully, it is forbidden to strong pull hard to fold. Need to the pipe bend straightening, & middot; Application of towel pad moderate pressure straight, then conveniently down from the wall hole. ( 3) Demolition of indoor and outdoor frame fixed screw, outdoor units will use the rope tied up cautiously after hanging on the ground or indoors. Remove the distance of air-conditioner if relocation or temporarily not to install, must put the equipment in its original packaging or other protective packaging. This allows the air-conditioner complete dismantling down, the next step is a good move. < br /> < / p>
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