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Questions and Answers on freezer faults

by:Jingeao     2020-01-04

First of all, why should there be an independent circuit in the commercial freezer?
because the same socket or power supply is used with other electrical appliances, the power supply voltage becomes unstable, and the electrical appliances often begin to cause voltage drop. In particular, when the power reaches the peak, the voltage is too low, the compressor will not start, or in serious cases, the compressor will not stop automatically. In addition, the compressor may be damaged. Secondly, the cold air in the freezing chamber is always leaking.
after long-term use, the aging deformation of the door self-sealing strip will cause cold air to leak from the cabinet, reducing its cooling effect.
The method of inspection is to first turn on the flashlight in the cold interior, close the door, then carefully observe whether there is a gap between the commercial freezer and the light leakage, and clean and seal with washing powder, and the seal will open and stick. Seal a piece of sealant paper on the original and check if it still does not leak. Repeat the test of this patch until the light does not leak. Third, why can't the freezer start?
1. Whether the power supply voltage is within the specification range usually, the voltage should not exceed the range of 187 to 242 V. If it is not within this range, it should be installed by voltage regulator or professional electrician.
2. Poor contact between power supply and frozen plug;
3. The ambient temperature of the freezer should not be lower than 5 steps. Otherwise, the compressor will not start.
4. The low temperature compensation switch is not connected, the low temperature compensation switch is faulty, and the low temperature compensation heating wire cannot be connected.
5. When the temperature controller reaches zero gear, the thermostat will fail.

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