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Precautions for first use of freezer

by:Jingeao     2019-12-25

1. When used for the first time, the freezer should run 1- 2 hours, when the operation reaches a stable state, stop the machine, then put the food into the commercial freezer and turn it on.
2. In order to prevent frequent power outages (Or frequent switching) And all refrigeration equipment delay the start-up of the compressor by two minutes (Although there is delay protection, there is no frequent switching).
3. The temperature of the freezer has been adjusted and locked when it leaves the factory. Generally speaking, they do not need to be adjusted again. If the temperature is controlled by the machine, the temperature of the freezer should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature.
4. Defrosting of commercial freezer is automatically controlled by microcomputer. The freezer stops running and enters the defrosting state (Note: the temperature rises slightly when the defrosting is normal). The freezer is automatically cooled after defrosting.
5. The freezer should maintain an area of more than 10 cm before and after refrigeration, which is conducive to good ventilation of the refrigeration system and ensures the refrigeration effect of the equipment. Food should not be placed too close to the air outlet, and appropriate gaps should be maintained when placing goods to facilitate convection of cold air and uniformity of temperature.

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