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Pay attention to three systems before using the freezer

by:Jingeao     2020-01-07

in use, attention should be paid to the working state of each component of the commercial freezer and the stability of the power supply. Whether the refrigeration, electrical and wind systems are operating normally 1. Stability of power consumption: the power supply of the freezer must adopt independent sockets, the current capacity of the sockets and power lines must be consistent with that of the commercial freezer, and the sockets must be reliably grounded; When the voltage is unstable, it is recommended to use a regulator with a voltage power of more than five times. Mainly observe the refrigeration system, electrical system and air system to judge whether they are working normally. 1. Refrigeration system: observe whether there are cracks, damages, frosting and condensation in the pipelines of the refrigeration system; Whether there is friction between the refrigeration pipeline, the pipeline and the shell, especially the welding of the refrigeration pipeline, and whether there is leakage at the joint. Where there is oil, or wipe the pipe with a clean soft cloth or soft paper. At Road welding and joints, observe whether there is oil stain and judge whether there is leakage.
2. Electrical System: observe whether the fuse of the electrical system is blown, whether the wire insulation is intact, whether the circuit board is disconnected, whether the connection is loose, etc. , especially whether the electrical connection is in good contact. The connecting screws and sockets are easy to loosen, resulting in poor contact.
3. Air system: observe whether the air filter, heat exchanger coil and fins have too much ash; Whether the air inlet and air outlet are unblocked; Whether the fan and fan blades are operating normally; Whether the wind is normal, etc.

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