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Necessary knowledge of precautions for installing freezer

by:Jingeao     2019-12-30

I. Install the commercial freezer and pay attention to the power supply
when we use the freezer in daily life, we should pay special attention to the high and low voltage, this is a relatively large damage to the parts of the freezer, and the instability of the voltage is extremely harmful to the freezer. When changing these parts again, the price is also relatively high, so we should pay more attention to the power supply of freezers, and a regulated power supply can be added to supply power to these freezers. Second, the handling of the freezer should pay attention to
during transportation, to prevent bumps and violent vibration, to prevent rain and water. After determining the placement position, it should be placed for at least 4 hours before testing the machine.
when carrying, do not hold the door handle or apply force on the table top and condenser, and do not drag on the ground. The maximum inclination angle of the bottom foot cabinet should not exceed 45 degrees, moreover, it cannot be inverted or placed horizontally, otherwise it will damage the compressor or cause the refrigerant oil in the compressor to flow into the refrigeration pipeline, affect the refrigeration, and easily cause the compressor to take off the spring. Three, installation and placement of commercial freezer need to pay attention to
① freezer should be placed away from heat sources, free from direct sunlight, well ventilated place, freezer top surface should leave at least 30cm height space, the back and sides should have at least 10cm of space to facilitate heat dissipation.
② it should be placed in a place with low humidity. Since the freezer shell, condenser and compressor are all made of metal materials, if the air humidity is too high, these parts will rust, shorten the service life of the refrigerator. At the same time, the humid and overheated environment will cause the surface of the freezer to condense and affect the performance of the commercial freezer.
③ should be placed on flat ground to keep the compressor level. This is not only for the need of safety, but also can make the compressor work smoothly and reduce vibration and noise.

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