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Necessary knowledge of freezer use and maintenance

by:Jingeao     2020-01-08

with the increasing demand for quick-frozen food in life, freezers are no longer the patent of Shangchao, and more and more people are entering thousands of retail stores, many people just use the commercial freezer and will not properly maintain the freezer. The well-maintained commercial freezer not only has a good refrigeration storage effect, but also has a long service life.
1. The surrounding environment of the freezer should be cleaned regularly. Remember that sundries and inflammables should not be piled up around the component unit. If the unit is placed indoors, the unit should also be ventilated.
2. The freezer itself needs heat dissipation very much, so if articles are piled up around it, the heat dissipation of the unit will be poor, and even too high a temperature will ignite sundries and cause danger.
3. When cleaning the condenser, turn off the main engine first, and use a brush to brush dust removal along the direction of the heat exchange sheet. The dirt between the sleeves can also be blown off by a vacuum cleaner or high-pressure air. It should be washed with water to avoid splashing on the motor or other electrical parts. 4. As the peak period of freezer use in summer, it is wrong for many people to blindly lower the temperature. In general, the summer thermostat is placed at 5'Or 6' More suitable, and spring and autumn, the thermostat is placed in 3'Or 4'More suitable.
5. When the freezer is used, the number of times to open the door should be reduced as much as possible to shorten the time to access food.
6. The newly purchased or transported cabinet should be allowed to stand for 2 to 6 hours before starting up. Before use, the Cabinet shall be powered on for 2 to 6 hours and shall not be started immediately after shutdown. It shall wait for more than 5 minutes to avoid burning out the compressor.

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