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Morphological changes of food in the freezer

by:Jingeao     2020-03-13
< p> the shape variation of food in the commercial freezer of air-conditioner used for frozen food, so what's the shape changes in the food in the freezer? This is expected to be contained in water and food have a lot of, because the temperature is below 0 ℃ in freezers, water will change shape. And food can also occur for change, let the commercial freezer price to this knowledge. When food is frozen, the first is surface water ice, and then gradually to the ice internal extension. When internal moisture volume expansion due to freezing, freezing will be affected by the external layer of barriers, internal pressure, called freezing expansion pressure, purely theoretical calculation of the value can be as high as 8. 7MPa。 When the outer couldn't handle the internal pressure will break, make internal pressure disappear gradually. If use - 19 ℃ liquid nitrogen frozen tuna, due to large thickness, frozen goods will occur crack, which is caused by internal pressure. In addition, under the action of internal pressure can make the enzymes of visceral extrusion, the collapse of the red blood cells, fat to the surface movement, etc. , and because of destruction of the blood cell membrane, hemoglobin, accelerated the discolouration of the meat. < br /> when the temperature of the food by - 1 - - - - - - - 5 ℃ maximum ice crystals formation, rising inflation pressure curve peak. External fleshy able to resist this pressure will produce cracks, internal pressure drops rapidly. When the food big thickness, high moisture content, surface temperature are prone to crack when it drops very quickly. Water into ice in freezing process, the volume expansion of gas dissolved in the fluid out of free liquid, increasing the pressure inside the food. Frozen cod sponge, is because of the cod in the liquid contained more nitrogen, as the water freezes to become free of nitrogen, the volume of pressure caused by the rapid expansion by freezing grain moisture extrusion extracellular, outside the cell formation caused by ice crystals. The extracellular freeze, intracellular protein denaturation and loss of water retention, can't recover after thawing, become a cavernous meat rich in water and there are a lot of holes. Serious, with a knife cut the flesh of the cross section of like a honeycomb, and eating. These are frozen food in the commercial freezer, the effects of morphological changes after, so everyone in the frozen food, must get good control temperature in the freezer. < br /> < / p>
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