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by:Jingeao     2019-12-16
When it comes to commercial refrigerator manufacturers, there are few more experienced companies in Miami than Marc Refrigeration.
Whether it\'s glass display cabinets, cooked food cabinets, coolers, and other refrigeration equipment, Marc refrigeration has been manufacturing them for the last 40 years with exceptional customer service and quality.
Many other commercial refrigerator makers now want to follow suit.
One needs to check the Marc refrigeration catalog, or browse the website to learn about the amazing refrigeration and freezing options for small convenience stores and large supermarkets.
Marc has carefully planned and successfully met all the different needs and requirements of the customer
High quality products.
When it comes to glass display cabinets, there are various models and series to choose from.
In order to meet the specific needs, all products are cleverly divided and produced.
The CG Series represents curved glass displays with remote and self-contained
Contains cases that provide complete vision of the display.
In this series, there is a completely different forced air coil for the curved glass part.
Other series include HS and DCR.
The height and depth of the CG and HS series are standard 55 \"and 34\", respectively \".
However, the length can vary according to the requirements.
If you are going to set up any cooking establishment then commercial refrigeration equipment is required.
They vary in shape and size and you can choose one according to your refrigeration requirements.
Different businesses have different devices.
If you want to open a bakery, then you may need some commercial refrigeration equipment such as the bakery display cabinet and the food display cabinet.
Bakery display cabinets and food display cabinets are mainly used in bakeries so that customers can see through without opening the door.
The bakery display case and the food display case are placed in front so that the customer can choose the food or item he really wants.
Bottled water and cans can also be stored in food display cabinets and bakery display cabinets.
There are a wide range of options for high-end delicatessens, as well as separate meats and delicatessens, as well as remote meats and delicatessens.
The two series of reach in the cooler can also be provided in the form of gestational diabetes and gestational diabetes S/C series.
Size can be selected depending on the installation space.
No matter which cooler is selected, it is guaranteed to obtain an energy-efficient automatic closing cooler with a reversible revolving door and a heated door frame.
All refrigeration equipment manufactured by Marc refrigeration comes with standard features that have become a hallmark of the company\'s engineering strength.
The equipment comes with a mirror, stainless steel front and looks clean.
It is perfectly correct to say that Marc refrigeration has successfully mastered the art of good and efficient refrigeration.
From the appearance of things, it will remain in this state for a long time to come.
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