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Know the type of supermarket freezer, how to buy?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-13

supermarket freezers are classified into vertical, horizontal, open and fully enclosed cabinets. Internal type of the unit and external type of the unit; From the temperature: refrigerator, commercial freezer.
How to choose the energy efficiency of supermarket freezers:
Power consumption: input power, which will lead to the operation of the freezer compressor. This indicator can be seen on the nameplate or instruction manual behind the refrigerator body.
power consumption accounting formula: Product power (w)÷1000kw ×24 h/ The power consumption is calculated according to 24 hours. The compressor will have automatic protection function. When the temperature in the Cabinet reaches the temperature set by the thermostat, it will automatically stop, so half of the day will be stopped.
(For example: LCB- 2700A4Y power is 1500W 1500 ÷1000 ×24/2 = 18) How to choose temperature control method for supermarket freezers
when some consumers choose freezers, it is difficult to choose computer control and mechanical control. In fact, it is very simple. Mechanical control usually requires manual rotation of the button, and the temperature control is not accurate enough, and the price is relatively low. However, the computer-controlled freezer only needs to click the appropriate temperature with its fingertip according to the demand, but the price is obviously more expensive. Is the commercial freezer air-cooled or direct-cooled
The biggest difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled is the problem of frost formation. Air-cooled does not need to worry about frost formation in the freezer and is convenient to use, however, the freezing chamber is slower than the direct cooling commercial freezer, with large power consumption and high price.
The direct cooling freezer has simple structure, low price, fast freezing and cooling speed, low power consumption and low noise, but the cooling of the refrigerating chamber is slow, the temperature inside the freezer is uneven, and the evaporator of the freezing chamber is easy to frost, defrosting is more troublesome.

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