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Jingeao beverage marketing for school

Jingeao beverage marketing for school

Jingeao beverage marketing for school

Product Name
Display Cooler
Delivery time
30 Days
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Ning Bo
1 year
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Enterprise Strength
  • Jingeao Electronics sets up service outlets in key areas, so as to make a rapid response to customers' requirement.
Product Comparison
Jingeao Electronics provides diversified choices for customers. Commercial Freezer is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.Compared with other same kind of products in the market, Jingeao Electronics's Commercial Freezer is equipped with the following outstanding advantages.
Company Advantages
1. Jingeao undergoes a wide range of manufacturing steps. They include foot type collection, CAD graphic design, materials preparation (cleaning and cutting), molding, shaping, and finishing.
2. The product is quality-assured as it has to be subjected to strict quality tests.
3. Jingeao employs professional quality check team to test the quality of the product.
4. The stable quality supplier chain is a strong guarantee for the quality of Ningbo Jingeao Electronics INC.'s products.
5. The increasing demand of customers to also helps Jingeao to be more competitive in this industry.

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Dynamic cooling system
CFC-free gas R134a / R600a
Adjustable shelves for merchandising
Inside  LED lights to highlight drinks
Digital or manuel controller with LCD display for temperature
2 layer transparent tempered glass door, safety
Self-evaporation water tray, user friendly
4 adjustable feet

Adapted to

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Quick Service Restaurants
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Hospitality Venues
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Medical/Aged Care
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Cooling:by compressor, temperature can be adjustable manually between 0-10℃
Refrigerant:R600a/R134aPower supply:110V/60Hz, 220-240V/50Hz
Input power: 82WPower consumption:0.55kW•h/24h
Climate Class:N/ST/TN.W./G.W.: 15KGS/16.5KGS
Product size: 330x360x567MM ;Interior size: 250x230X325, (WxDxH)
Carton Size:381X396X625MM (WxDxH)FCL:252pc/20GP, 540pcs/40GP,720pcs/40HQ
Door Frame:PVCDoor:Glass door 
Inner tank:Plastic or AluminumShelf: Wire Shelf
Color: Jingeao beverage marketing for school-9 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-10 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-11 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-12 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-13 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-14 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-15 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-16 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-17 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-18 Jingeao beverage marketing for school-19 

detailed description

Heavy Duty Adjustable Wire Shelf

Jingeao beverage marketing for school-20
Oem Service, branding

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Bright Led Inside

Jingeao beverage marketing for school-22
Manual & Digital display Adjustable thermostat

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Company Features
1. Jingeao by Ningbo Jingeao Electronics INC. is a well-known brand in China and has considerable influence in China.
2. Our products meet European and American standards and are widely recognized and trusted by customers. They have imported the products from us many times.
3. We efficiently manage our operations, implement continuous improvement activities to streamline processes and adhere to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. We are committed to playing a key role in achieving a sustainable future. We promote responsible and ethical business practices, actively support the activities of the communities in which we live and work and foster environmentally sound operations. Ningbo Jingeao Electronics INC. can supply the very best choice depending on customers' needs. Contact us! We grant our employees the greatest possible freedom from the outset. At every level, we encourage their willingness to organize and to take responsibility for their work themselves. Contact us!

Quick Details 

  • Washing Mode: Ozone Water
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Input Voltage:: AC220V
  • Rated Power: 8W
  • Ozone output: 400mg/h
  • Color:: White,
  • Product Weight:: 860g
  • Product Size:: 195*78*240mm
  • Per Carton:: 12pcs
  • Carton Weight:: 21.00kgs
  • Carton Size:: 450*410*620mm
  • 20f Container:: 3020pcs/255ctn


Ozone machina:---------1pcs

Air output tuble:---------1pcs

Diffuser stones:---------2pcs





exclusivity in the sale of Ozone Generators, with this, we will guarantee the best quality, guarantee and assistance of these products to the consumer.
With the Ozone Generator 400mg / h O3; you will have a practical and effective solution to achieve air and water quality in your home, office, shop and now in your vehicle. 110v or 220V voltage
 is for car, where you can plug it in your car and ozonate it completely, keeping it clean and healthy, protecting you and your family from the presence of organisms and pollutants that cause various diseases.
 The Ozonio fights: anxiety; dizziness, nausea; fatigue, stress, fever, headaches; allergic reactions, sneezing, dry cough, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma, among others. Removes 99% of bacteria and 100% of fungi.
What is Ozone?
Ozone (O3) is a natural oxidizing gas that is produced from the oxygen (O2) present in atmospheric air. It is a gas of high chemical reactivity and high oxidative potential capable of degrading chemical compounds and eliminating microorganisms.
Because of this, ozone is considered as an environmentally correct and most effective alternative for a range of domestic and industrial applications. At room temperature, ozone is an invisible gas with a very characteristic odor.
What does Ozone do?
Due to its chemical characteristics, ozone can be used in the production of drinking water and disinfection of air, as well as in the treatment of various chronic diseases. Ozone has been used in potable water treatment plants since 1906, where the first industrial ozonation station was built in France. The FDA, which controls foods and medicines in the United States, has accepted ozone as an effective and safe antimicrobial agent for the treatment, storage and processing of food and sanitation of drinking water.
Main functions:
- Purification and disinfection of air.
- Purification and disinfection of water.
Applications and Advantages:
- Removal of soluble iron and manganese by oxidation.
- Dissolves and eliminates pesticides and agrochemicals on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
- Bacteriological disinfection: kills bacteria on the surface of vegetables.
- Dissolves organic and bleaching impurities by increasing the oxygen level in the water.
- Removes odor and smoke in the air in the preparation of food such as garlic and fish.
- Removes bad smell from noxious gases such as formaldehyde, molds, paints and carpets.
- It preserves the freshness and the flavor of meats.
- Destroys the bacteria on the surface of the cutlery.
- Disinfect bottles, bottles, nozzles and toys.
- It kills bacteria in the oral cavity and helps cure diseases like stomatites and faucitis.
- Our device has a digital interface where you program the usage time and the interval.
 Benefits of ozonated water in the human body:
The benefits of water in the human body occur in countless spheres. It helps in the functioning of various basic functions like metabolism, circulation, respiration, heart rate, digestion, immunity and elimination of toxic substances.
 Ozonized water in the blood:
In the blood, ozonated water helps eliminate impurities, viruses and bacteria. This is due to its third molecule that easily detaches, not without first adding the impurities, causing them to die of oxidation. Then, these impurities are eliminated by the body.
 Ozonized water in circulation:
Ozonized water, when ingested, improves blood circulation and consequently the health of the heart. This is for the same reason that it improves blood quality by eliminating impurities.
This quality is essentially ideal for people with circulatory problems, also improving the circulation of the hair veins.
 Oxygenation of the body:
Ozone, after performing its work of eliminating impurities, ie after releasing one of its molecules, returns to the state of oxygen. In this way, that molecule that helped us release impurities, improve circulation, turns into oxygen. This improves various functions of the body, such as reasoning, in addition to improving oxygenation of the extremities.
 Ozonized water and tumors:
Ozonized water, by oxidizing malignancies, can also help break down tumor cells. This is due to the fact that it stimulates the conversion of arginine to citrulline, and nitrates by phagocytes, helping to reduce tumors.
 Benefits of Ozone in Water Treatment:
The relationship between the third molecule and the elimination of impurities is also valid in water purification processes that take place in treatment plants. Ozone is used as a substitute for chlorine in these cases as it has the benefit of not owning or producing unwanted chemicals.
When we talk about large-scale water treatment, as in treatment plants, we do not rule out the advantage that it can be done at home with the ozonation apparatus.
How to use ozonated water:
 This article is for information only, we are unable to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We urge you to call a doctor if you experience any type of condition or malaise. The responsibility for the misuse of ozone lies entirely with the user.
 Food Ozonization Tip:
 For fruits, vegetables and others: put them in a container with water, then add the stone in the hose to the bottom and start the disinfection process for 15min.
 For meats: just put in a glass container and ozonize for 20min. Soon a white bubble will appear as if it were a foam, this material is the hormones that the ozone removed from the meat.
 For water: simply place the hose in a glass, or jar, of water and ozonate for 10min to 15min.
 For oils: use the cylindrical stone to ozonate directly into the bottle from 15min to 25min.
 Manufacturer's recommendation: For each liter of water, ozonate from 5min to 10min.
Plug Category


Jingeao drink display cooler is manufactured using foreign advance technology. A fantastic choice for molding
By adopting the lean production method, Jingeao drink display cooler is exquisite in detail. A fantastic choice for molding
The whole production of Jingeao drink display cooler is supported by the technicians with extensive industry expertise and the leading production technology. Durable & Easy to use & Sturdy
The production of Jingeao drink display cooler is empowered with the use of advanced tools and machines. An easy job done with Yougo molds
In the production of Jingeao drink display cooler, the latest machining techniques is used. Ideal mold for precise shaping
This product can work long hours. It can work all the time and will only stop working when maintenance or inspection is required. A fantastic choice for molding
The product is characterized by strong hardness. Its heavy metal materials have been treated under heat conditions and stamped with certain pressure. Have a great molding experience with Yougo
The product is not prone to corrode. Its surface has been treated with powder-coated finish which offers extra protection against oxidization.
The product has good colorfastness. There is no excessive dye deposition on the fabric surface, which affects the fastness of the fabric. For a simple molding journey
The product features heat resistance. The structural materials used in it is characterized by a low thermal expansion coefficient, which makes it keep stable under heat. For a simple molding journey
The precise dimension advantage of the product is renowned. It is fabricated adopting the CNC machines which guarantee its accuracy in size and shape. Have a great molding experience with Yougo
Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Inc. has a good quality control system and its own management system to ensure the quality of products. Ideal mold for precise shaping
Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Inc. has done a solid job in its sales network. Yougo - Only make the perfect mold
Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Inc. will provide comprehensive suggestions and guide to customers about our drink display cooler. Have a great molding experience with Yougo
The service of Jingeao is well known in drink display cooler industry. Ideal mold for precise shaping
Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Inc. hopes that consumers can pleasantly enjoy the services brought by Jingeao Electronics. Durable & Easy to use & Sturdy
The development of Jingeao can not be achieved without professional customer service. Have a great molding experience with Yougo
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