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It is recommended not to buy cheap and inferior freezers?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-30

The performance and quality of the freezer are low, which are embodied in three aspects:
1. Cooling power. The matching unit power is relatively small, about 30% to 40%.
2. The refrigeration temperature is high. The operating temperature is obviously confusing. Some are marked as 0 degrees. Users actually reflect that the temperature in the cabinet is between 8 and 12 degrees in summer. This brings safety risks to food preservation that requires a constant low temperature environment.
3. The cooling rate is very slow. Due to the cheap supermarket commercial freezer, the compressor output of the air curtain cabinet is very small, which reduces the condenser area, condenser fan power and the amount of air matched with the system and evaporator area. Secondly, in the description of freezer life:
1. From the perspective of structure, inferior and cheap freezers have no steel frame. After the commercial freezer is foamed, the door frame is assembled, and such a freezer cannot withstand multiple movements. After a few years, the door frame will fall and it will be difficult to repair.
2. From the perspective of materials, it is cheap to choose materials for inferior and cheap freezers. Stainless steel is changed to stainless steel or aluminum plate, copper pipe is changed to aluminum pipe or composite steel pipe, ABS engineering plastic is changed to ordinary plastic. The material in the freezer is too thick and thin, and copper becomes iron, which will reduce its performance and service life. Analysis of the late use cost of the commercial freezer:
low-cost and inferior freezers can save the purchase cost, but continue to spend more on long-term use. 'with years so electricity no small. The power consumption is mainly reflected in the performance of the freezer. In order to achieve excellent insulation performance, not only the thickness of the insulation layer is ensured, but also the thermal conductivity of the insulation layer is reduced. Only high pressure foaming machine with high control precision can meet your requirements. Due to the cost of thermal insulation, it is impossible to realize a cheap freezer.
For example, the same high-quality freezer consumes 2-At 3 KW, the difference is 2- After 4 years of consumption, the more you use, the more you lose. If you reduce the volume of transactions and take years to shorten and restore your account, will it be more expensive to buy inferior and low-priced cabinets?

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