Jingeao has been focusing on manufacturing commercial refrigerator freezer since 2001



Is Jingeao Electronics a trading company or a factory?
Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Co., Ltd is the trusted glass door display fridge provider. Sales and the partnerships help expand annually. A trading firm routinely puts enormous orders using its own factories, using the guarantee of more company to come. This contributes to pricing in addition to fat to throw around in discussions regarding new or quality product designs. Cooperation with a mill makes it feasible for factory-direct pricing, acquiring a direct line of communication to the mill, etc.

Jingeao has come to eyes of international market and got a good start. Jingeao Electronics's Mdeical Fridge is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Its quality is secured under our excellent technical resources and human resources. The product ensures items stay perfectly chilled and attractively displayed. . I have a metal allergy and it's very difficult to find good metal-free jewelry that doesn't look cheap and don't tarnish. This product caters to my needs. - Said one of our customers. The product has been widely recognized by customers from Europe, USA, Japan, the Middle East, and Russia.

Saving drinks display fridge while improving drinks display fridge has been Jingeao's target. Check it!
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