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Internal and external quality inspection of freezer

by:Jingeao     2020-01-03

in order to ensure that the freezer can be operated with high efficiency and energy saving in the future, consumers must check the internal and external quality. To purchase the freezer, you must check the quality of the freezer to receive the goods, how can the internal and external conditions of the freezer be checked? First, check the door seal first check the door seal, because the door seal directly depends on the power consumption and heat preservation effect of the freezer, and also affects the service life of the refrigeration compressor. Good quality door seals have good suction force, and when the electric refrigerator door is opened, there is obvious resistance. Second, check the freezing chamber of the freezing chamber freezer is generally made of aluminum plate, check the freezing chamber aluminum plate for obvious cracks, because the refrigerator refrigeration chamber liner is made of ABS plastic plate through vacuum forming process. Check whether there are cracks and wrinkles, especially whether the excessive original angle is smooth and whether the thickness of the inner plate is uniform. When checking the refrigerating chamber, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the temperature controller rotates flexibly and whether the defrosting button can rebound back quickly when pressed. Third, the power-on test machine can be powered on for trial operation, adjust the knob of the thermostat to a certain position, connect the power supply, and check whether the lamp switch and bulb are normal. At the moment when the power is turned on, attention should be paid to the starting performance of the compressor and whether it can be started at one time. Four, check the condenser freezer after running for a few minutes, touch the electric commercial freezer condenser by hand, should have obvious thermal sensation, and the faster the heat, the better, and the return pipe has obvious cold sensation. If there is no cold feeling, the performance of the electric refrigerator is relatively poor. If there is frost on the return pipe, it means that the cooling is too much, the power consumption is not large, and the cooling effect is not very good.

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