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Inside a refrigerated storage conditions analysis of fruit

by:Jingeao     2020-03-16
< p> fruit inside commercial freezer storage conditions analysis now will buy a lot of all kinds of fruit, put inside a refrigerated storage, it can maintain its moisture. Controlled atmosphere storage of pear pear of controlled atmosphere storage conditions with apple, picking at maturity is very important, the hardness is the main basis of determining harvest maturity. Fruit hardness of 7 - 8kg/cm³ , suitable for fresh pin after storage; Fruit hardness of 6 - 7kg/cm³ Suitable for processing by that time, because when the fruit will not change color quickly. < br /> but should pay attention to the hardness of pear cultivars. The pear storage temperature should be kept in the 0 to 1 degree Celsius. Have good maturity of pears, in the cold wind library need 5 months to fully mature. In 2% oxygen, carbon dioxide content lower than 1% under the condition of the gas storage, storage period can be extended for eight months. If you want to store more long time, can be in fruit storage 1% oxygen and lower than 0. Under the condition of 1% = carbon oxide; Or use high-concentration [ Carbon dioxide gas processing, will be increased to 1% carbon dioxide 12 does not, the oxygen content in more than 12%, 14 d after processing the gas discharge. Storage in the oxygen content of 2%, after = oxidation of carbon is less than 1%, can be stored longer. For most varieties of pears, storage should pay special attention to keep low carbon dioxide, lest appear brown heart disease. < br /> < br /> < / p>
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