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How to save electricity in supermarket freezers?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-27

1. The condenser of the supermarket freezer is generally under the steel plate of the cabinet. The freezer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and the dust outside the cabinet should be cleaned in time, the condensing effect of the condenser can be improved so as to achieve the purpose of improving the cooling effect and saving electricity. After the supermarket freezer is used for a long time, the commercial freezer liner is easy to Frost, often (About seven days)Defrost the freezer to improve the cooling effect. 2. If there are not many items stored, a slightly larger beverage bottle containing salt water can be placed in the supermarket freezer, so as to balance the temperature difference inside the cabinet and reduce the number of starts and stops of the compressor, extend the service life of the compressor. 3. If the condenser of the supermarket freezer is of fin type, it should be cleaned with a brush every month or so to improve the heat dissipation effect. 4, supermarket freezer such as open air curtain Cabinet, should avoid direct blowing of electric fans and air conditioners, and should close the night curtain during non-business hours. First of all, the temperature control controller of the commercial freezer is the key to saving electricity. Summer thermostat knob is generally adjusted to'4'At the same time, winter is transferred to'1' In this way, the starting times of the freezer compressor can be reduced to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

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