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How to measure the quality of energy-saving freezers?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-30

A good freezer generally needs to be used for several years or even more than ten years. Therefore, choose an energy-saving freezer with high quality and durability. To measure the quality of an energy-saving freezer, there are mainly two aspects, one is a good compressor, and the other is an optimized internal design. Compressor is the heart of energy-saving commercial freezer and the core element of freezer.
1. High-efficiency imported compressor is adopted. Compressor is the heart of the commercial freezer and the main energy-consuming component of the freezer. Using high-efficiency compressor is the simplest and most effective measure to save energy in the freezer.
2. Double refrigeration technology: it solves the technical problem that is difficult to overcome by a single refrigeration method, so that there is no refrigeration blind area in the cabinet, and the air curtain is optimized by increasing laminar flow, high efficiency and energy saving 3. High efficiency pure copper tube evaporator: unique fast refrigeration technology. Pure copper tube evaporator combines the advantages of advanced controller 3d multi-cycle refrigeration system to make refrigeration speed faster, so as to achieve energy saving effect
4. High-quality motor fan: high-quality motor fan adopts 3d stereo refrigeration system, with uniform air conditioning, effectively ensuring the freshness of food, let you have no worries.
5. Environment-friendly foaming layer: polyurethane integral foaming technology, environment-friendly foaming material, high-density energy-saving design can effectively reduce energy consumption.

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