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How long does the compressor usually take to prevent aging of freezers?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-25

selection of freezer compressor: when purchasing freezers, you must know what brand of compressor it is. Whether it is imported compressor or domestic compressor, the unit is marked with compressor model, factory date, power and other parameters. It is important to check the energy consumption of the compressor. The energy consumption can be obtained by comparing the input power with the output power. The smaller the energy consumption number, the better the quality of the compressor. The larger the energy consumption number, the worse the quality of the compressor.
general service life of freezer compressor: the whole machine has reasonable structural design, good maintenance and good service environment, under the condition that the cooling load can also meet the heat load, the service life of the refrigerator compressor is basically the same as that of the refrigerator, which is 8-10 years.
reasons for shortening the service life of the compressor:
1. There is a problem with the design of the compressor itself. If there is no general protection device, the compressor will have no oil for a long time and will soon break down. Or the evaporator leaks fluorine, and the compressor is also started, causing the compressor to enter the water. Will directly shorten the service life of the compressor. Second, improper use of the freezer will accelerate the aging of the compressor
① large force or kicking the parts in the freezer will bring certain harm and its service life will also have certain influence.
② The freezer is often shut down, which seriously affects the service life of the freezer. If you do not use it for a long time, cut off the power supply and clean up the inside of the commercial freezer, it is best to leave a small gap to allow the air in the cabinet to circulate.
③ When the freezer is in use, the power socket is randomly plugged and unplugged, which is easy to cause the motor load to be too large and burn down.
④ The door is often opened and closed during normal use, which causes large loss of cooling capacity in the cabinet, resulting in frequent start-up of the compressor and loss of the compressor.

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