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How do you know if the freezer is energy-saving?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-29

to buy a freezer, one must first consider the power consumption, freezer size and other aspects according to one's own needs. Most consumers are puzzled by some performance configurations of freezers.
first, the freezer models are different, the volume is also different, consumers often have no way to start. The following formula can be used for calculation and comparison, which can be simplified and easily determined: power consumption per 100 liters of freezer = daily power consumption/net volume of freezer in convenience store xl00 (The smaller the value, the more power saving).
2. The selection of parts, especially key parts, has a great influence on the service life of freezers. High-quality freezers generally use high-quality parts such as pure copper tubes and imported coated steel plates, ensure the life of the refrigeration system and the anti-rust capability of the freezer. Third, the refrigerator insulation effect must be good. The refrigeration effect of the compressor is an important aspect of the freezer. The freezer needs good thermal insulation effect. If there is no good thermal insulation effect, the cold air will continue to leak, and the compressor is useless, because the compressor keeps working, it not only consumes electricity, but even causes the compressor to burn.
4. The choice of commercial freezer volume should be calculated according to the net inventory volume, that is, the price of each elevated land. In addition to the expenses incurred when purchasing the freezer, additional investment will be required in the subsequent daily use, mainly including electricity expenses and maintenance expenses. Consumers should fully consider both aspects before buying. In particular, there is a possibility of an increase in electricity prices, and it is even more difficult to pay attention to the low price of the freezer, ignoring the high cost of electricity in the future.

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