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How do I view the freezer energy efficiency label?

by:Jingeao     2019-12-31

Check the energy efficiency label when purchasing the freezer. Energy efficiency labels are labels attached to refrigerators, emphasizing the energy consumed and the energy efficiency level of products. When consumers purchase freezer products with these logos, they can obtain intuitive energy consumption information and estimate their daily consumption costs, thus determining which models of the same type of products are more energy-saving and consume less electricity.
Energy efficiency grade: A classification method to indicate the difference of product energy efficiency. According to national standards, it is divided into five stages: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, the first of which represents the maximum energy saving and the lowest energy consumption. 5 is the market access index, and the energy efficiency grade is an important index of energy conservation and energy conservation. It has some basic common sense for the energy efficiency grade and energy efficiency label of refrigerators. First of all, the energy efficiency grade of freezer
The energy efficiency grade of freezer is also divided into five stages. The first stage means the most energy-saving and the most energy-saving. If it is lower than the above level, you will not be able to enter the sales and production markets.
II. Energy efficiency label
1. Background color of energy saving logo
According to the International Energy Efficiency label system, the color logo on the blue and white background is divided into 5 levels: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
2. Energy efficiency label design
The energy efficiency label is a color label with'China energy label'Words.
3. Basic information of refrigerator energy efficiency label, including manufacturer, model, energy efficiency grade, 24-hour power consumption, number of each room, national standard number, etc.
when purchasing energy-saving freezers, freezers and display freezers, it is important to understand the daily electricity consumption and check the energy efficiency grade and energy efficiency label of freezers. The meaning of various parameters in the freezer product model description. The product model description mainly includes parameters such as commercial freezer capacity, product climate type, freezer star level, power consumption, energy efficiency grade, refrigerant and external dimensions.

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