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High temperature causes the temperature of the freezer to be unstable

by:Jingeao     2019-12-25

1. Factors of artificially mobilizing the temperature of the commercial freezer: Check whether the adjusted temperature is appropriate. If the adjusted temperature itself is not low, the temperature will not fall off automatically. If the temperature is adjusted too high in summer, the temperature of the freezer half past one not drop.
2. The commercial refrigerator has poor heat insulation and sealing function, which leads to large cold loss. The poor heat insulation function is due to the insufficient thickness of the heat insulation layer of pipelines, heat insulation walls in cabinets, etc. , and the poor heat insulation and heat preservation effects. 3. The frost on the outer surface of the commercial freezer evaporator is too thick or there is too much dust, and the heat transfer effect is reduced, resulting in a slow decrease in the temperature inside the freezer. Another important reason is that the heat transfer power of the evaporator is low because the frost layer on the evaporator surface is too thick.
4. There is more air or refrigerant oil in the freezer, which reduces the heat transfer effect. In daily use or maintenance, attention should be paid to the timely eradication of oil stains on the inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer pipe, the discharge of air in the evaporator, and the heat transfer power of the evaporator.
5. The throttle valve of the freezer is improperly dispatched or blocked, and the refrigerant flow is too large or too small

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