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Function and maintenance of freezer compressor

by:Jingeao     2020-01-06

1. The importance of the compressor to the commercial freezer
as the core of a freezer, the compressor of the freezer plays a very important role and is also the most important component. Compressor is generally composed of Shell, motor, cylinder, piston, control equipment starter, thermal protector and cooling system.
II. Performance indicators of the compressor:
The main performance indicators of the compressor are: input and output power, coefficient of performance, refrigerating capacity, starting current, running current, rated voltage, frequency, cylinder volume, noise, etc. The performance of a compressor is measured mainly from the comparison of weight, efficiency and noise.
3. The specification and quality of the compressor
The specification of the compressor is divided according to the input power. Generally, the difference between each specification is about 50 W. In addition, it is also divided by cylinder volume. Four, commercial freezer compressor maintenance:
① commercial freezer units should carefully observe the return oil of the compressor during initial operation and keep it clean. If it is found that the oil level is not clean enough or the oil level drops, refuel or replace it with new oil in time. This can avoid poor lubrication.
② operation of refrigerator compressor equipment, check the exhaust temperature, pay special attention to the operation when the season changes and the temperature difference changes greatly. If abnormal, timely check, adjust the system condensation temperature and liquid supply condition
③ sound judgment of freezer. Listen carefully to the running sound of the water pump, cooling tower, compressor, Fan and other equipment. If it does not conform to the routine, it should be repaired in time. The repair parts can be referred, vibration of compressor, exhaust pipe and anchor
④ pay attention to the environmental sanitation around the compressor of the freezer, keep it clean and tidy, and clean dust regularly to prevent excessive accumulation of dust, cause the refrigerator to have overpressure or non-cooling failure.

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