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Freezers comprehensive reference method of choose and buy

by:Jingeao     2020-03-17
< p> freezers comprehensive reference to choose method of air-conditioner market at present, many brands, have supermarket monopoly series, series of convenience stores, monopoly, monopoly has medical series and so on. So on the many of air-conditioner series, if we should choose a suitable freezer? Everyone have their own ways and experience, but the change from among them. No matter how to choose and buy, we cannot leave the nature of the air-conditioner, so the following comprehensive some methods and experiences to share. In the future in the choose and buy, can be as a reference. First must look at the related parameters of air-conditioner: 1, power consumption, and can effect comparing. 2, the input power. The input power is too small will result in a refrigerated compressed the captain time non-stop, this index can be behind of air-conditioner fuselage nameplate ( The snow in the cold storage room) Or see on the manual. 3, compressor brand and whether to import, because the compressor performance directly influences the quality of products. 4, refrigerating capacity, commercial, medical, scientific research with a special, so it is important to pay special attention to it. 5, its depth, width and height has relationship with the insulation layer thickness, but not absolutely. These are the basic parameters, could be used as a reference. The second consider the cooler inside information. The evaporator ( In the commercial freezer, open the drawer cabinet put oneself in another's position in the rows of tubes is) : 1, with a magnet, if you can absorb should immediately give up this type of air-conditioner. 2, count how many root in each row, on the market at present is given priority to with eight root, little six, and many have 10 to 12, the nature, the more the better, high density, then heat absorption area is large, the refrigeration capacity. 3, silk tube on the market at present, priority should be given plate tube, heat absorption area is large. How long it will take 4, touch switch on evaporator has obvious cool feeling. The third is the condenser ( Earlier in the freezer back wall, namely so-called & other Less & throughout; Outside, basic it is built-in at present, can't see) : 1, the first locate condenser ( Some in the freezer back, some on both sides, some in a side) 。 2, little by little with the hand touch: how long will it take to get a touch switch feel fever; 2 touch hot whether and how much area. Condenser large area in the high temperature is capable of the air-conditioner heat out. These are all important information, when the choose and buy, must pay attention to the oh. < br /> < / p>
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