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Freezer to keep the food fresh and nutrition

by:Jingeao     2020-03-16
< p> the freezer to keep the food fresh and nutrition are now under the rapid development of the refrigeration industry, the cooler machine also gradually perfect, and the price is doing a lot of promotion and benefits to users, computer control of air-conditioner due to the adoption of advanced control technology of double WenShuang, accurately determine the actual temperature of the casing and serve the information sent to the control center, the whole process to achieve full computerized control, which can really ensure the commercial freezer always maintain a constant low temperature loop hole. < br /> freezers in use process, the working time and power consumption is highly affected by the environment temperature, so you need to in different season we will choose a different gear used. This will lead to the operation of the compressor at high temperature for a long time, power consumption will rise sharply, neither economic nor reasonable. commercial freezer room thermostat to control the temperature of the air-conditioner and refrigeration, technical requirements for temperature control between 0 ~ 10 degrees, and in winter of air-conditioner environment is generally low, freezers can easily reach the set temperature, if the temperature is too high, short time run prone to lead to freezing refrigeration effect is short, and the winter if the environment temperature is low, mainly is to ensure that the freezing refrigeration effect. In general, if the environment temperature is lower than 16 degrees, transferred to the 5-speed, below 10 degrees, can be transferred to 6 or 7. Sometimes due to environment temperature is too low, such as 0 ~ 5 degrees, lower gear after frozen things, this time, can put in the ark the food to external storage. < br /> < / p>
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