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Freezer quality purchase, avoid buying inferior freezers

by:Jingeao     2020-01-02

What are the bad phenomena of poor quality freezers in use, such as loud noise, large power consumption and frequent failures. How to judge the quality of the freezer and avoid buying inferior freezers.
first, the merchant must plug in the electricity for trial when purchasing. For example, the freezer has uneven temperature at slow cooling speed, 1 ~ If there is no refrigeration within 2 hours, it is recommended not to buy such freezers.
Second, the power consumption of the freezer. Poor quality freezers consume more electricity than normal freezers, which greatly increases the cost of electricity for users.
Third, the materials of inferior freezers are very thin. If they cannot withstand several times of handling, they will be scarred and need to be overhauled, and even some plates will bend. This is caused by the use of cheap materials.
fourth, inferior freezers generally do not care about after-sales, quality problems, manufacturers will not care, there is no after-sales and quality assurance. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone must pay attention to quality when buying freezers, and at the same time pay attention to after-sales service, and do not blindly pursue cheap prices, otherwise, the final loss is still the following European snow commercial freezer Xiaobian to introduce the basic performance of the freezer:
1, high quality commercial freezer, all parameter standards are carried out in accordance with international production requirements and have been strictly tested by the National Quality Inspection Agency. They are characterized by high refrigeration efficiency and low energy consumption.
2. The temperature control is accurate, and the preserved food is more assured, because its low temperature not only effectively prolongs the storage period of the product, but also during the storage process, the nutrition of food will not be lost in large quantities.
3. Use high-quality compressors, which can improve the operating environment and can be customized according to different needs of customers.

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