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Freezer problem check

by:Jingeao     2020-01-01

1. The freezer does not refrigerate
whether the temperature controller shows the temperature. If it does not, it means that the commercial freezer is not powered on. Please check whether the power socket and plug are loose. If there is no looseness, please check whether the machine fuse is blown. If it is not for these two faults, you need to contact the manufacturer to sell services
2. The refrigeration effect of the commercial freezer is not good
in hot summer, too many commercial freezer doors are easy to cause the temperature of the freezer to be slightly higher, it is a normal phenomenon. If the display temperature exceeds this range, please first check whether the condenser has too much dust. If there is too much dust, please clean the surface dust of the condenser first. Check whether the freezer is blind in sunlight. Please put the freezer in a cool and ventilated place. Then check if there are any sundries blocking the air inlet or air outlet. Please remove the sundries.
3. Refrigerator leakage
whether the refrigerator is placed in a humid environment, when the refrigerator works in a humid environment for a long time, the insulation of electrical components will decrease, please put the freezer in a dry and ventilated place. If there is obvious electric shock, please unplug the power cord immediately. Then check whether the ground wire of the power supply itself collides with the live wire. The problem cannot be solved. Please contact the manufacturer for after-sales service.
4. The noise in the freezer is large
The buzzing sound in the freezer and the sound of running water are all shaking. First check whether there are soft sundries and the noise caused by winding on the fan blades. If so, please clean them up by yourself to see if the noise can be eliminated. If it is not this kind of sound, it is a very obvious rub and crash. Please contact the manufacturer for after-sales service.

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