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Freezer price, what are the purchase strategies?

by:Jingeao     2020-01-11

consult the price of the commercial freezer, how to answer it? The specific price is definitely no way to say, see how we want to choose, the price is not the focus, should pay attention to the quality of the freezer and performance understanding.
from which aspects is the reference quality assurance first, and which parts and equipment need to be used as a strategy for freezers?
What is the heat preservation effect and effective volume? No in accordance with international standards; The reliability and timeliness of installation and maintenance should be inspected; Whether the height and width of the freezer are convenient for taking food; Other parts of the freezer (Compressor, thermostat, etc); Is the freezer equipped with complete accessories? First, look at the insulation effect and effective volume
insulation is an important technical index to measure the refrigeration system. Thermal insulation performance: tempered heat reflective glass is adopted, which has good thermal insulation effect and no dew. The thermal insulation layer is made of polyurethane box to foam integrally, thus effectively reducing the energy consumption of the commercial freezer. The insulation effect can be used as one of the important purchases. The effective volume should be bought according to your own needs. Second, look at the details of the design features: the use of famous brand compressors, stable performance, good cooling effect, Microcomputer temperature display, easy to control. Air cooling, high efficiency and moisture retention are controlled by computer temperature control to ensure automatic defrosting while food nutrition and water are not lost.
a unique high-efficiency and fast refrigeration technology is designed. Pure copper tube evaporator combines the advantages of advanced controller and 3D multi-cycle refrigeration system faster. All evaporation pipes shall be made of high-quality copper coil pipes, which shall be processed into wide-faced special-shaped pipes with high cleanliness and few pipe joints, thus effectively preventing leakage or blockage in the refrigeration system. There is an integral angle steel frame support between the shell and the inner container, and the structure is firm. Three, consider the reliability and timeliness of commercial freezer after-sales installation and maintenance
freezer should consult product maintenance matters, three guarantees guarantee. Contact information of the maintenance unit (Whether the National Guarantee) To ensure that the product can contact the maintenance unit and other problems in the shortest time when there is a problem in the use of the product.

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